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Current Rotation 1/23/2012

Another week, another batch of albums listened to. I’ve been into a lot of heavy stuff lately and besides the Zodiac N Black, this features shows it.

I’ve had ample time to listen to this and with each listen it grew on me more and more. Nevermind the fact that I was hooked by the few songs that were featured on their Facebook page before the release. The Aftermyth is the debut from Zodiac N Black. I tell you, this album is as every bit as good as the the samples and then some. Their sound is hard and classic rock. The vocals are harmonious and the guitar riffs, well there are plenty of them and can very easily get stuck in your head. Vocally I’m reminded of Mat Bettencourt (Josiah, Cherry Choke, Kings of Frog Island). Classic Rock magazine recently did a little write up and were pretty high on the album. Rightfully so. I can see 2012 bringing great things for Zodiac N Black the same way 2011 had an affect on Grifter.

Where to start with Swords of Texas. Besides the badass name, the music really isn’t traditional in any sense. It’s heavy and mixes up a variety of styles like doom, sludge, and stoner rock but also mixes in bits of noise rock and electronic music. Once that’s all together, there’s a very noticeable level of psychedelics involved. When I featured the band a few weeks back, it got a lot of positive response. The price isn’t bad either, 5 tracks for $1.00. You really can’t go wrong.

Thinning The Herd, I had never heard of these guys until their submission. First off I’d like to thank the band. I’ve been on a retro 70’s doom ala Ozzy era Black Sabbath kick lately and this fits the bill nicely. The album Ocean’s Rise isn’t just another “me too” album as besides the 70’s overtones, it includes a bit of some more modern metal as well. The psychedelic bits throughout sound great. This trio reminds me a lot of Threefold Law, whom I’m a huge fan of. Thinning The Heard has just gained a new fan in me. Will you be next?

More doom and heavy music, this time in the form of The Wisdoom. nearly of 40 minutes of heavy and bone crushing doom riffs and hooks. It’s enough to make the heaviest of heaviest bands quiver in their boots. This album is massive. It has 3 tracks that are no less than 9 minutes each. The Wisdoom self titled is the soundtrack to your ride to hell. If the devil was a professional wrestler, this album would provide the entrance theme.

This one came at me out of nowhere. A beep of the inbox, a “check us out” type email with a link, a click followed by musical bliss. The Proselyte are from Boston, MA but their sound is very Portland, OR. The album Sunshine is very heavy and very sludgy, dark, heavy but at the same time, uplifting. This album hooked me with guitar riffs, especially “Grey Lady.” While I do mention the link to the Portland music scene, there is enough of a difference to set it apart but many people will swear to god they hail from the west and not east.


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