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Introducing… The Noise Trade

.. Erik & Pete both founding members of legendary local bands Cult of One and The Illuminati had been experimenting with other avenues of musical output when Dave (formerly of Bodyfarm & Headbolt) posted an add looking to form a new band. Erik’s response to the add was a welcome sight as Dave had played a short stint with The Illuminati and both were familiar with each other’s playing styles. Shortly after Dave and Erik started composing new music the opportunity arose to recruit Pete’s guitar playing prowess back into the mix! With the three composing music at an expedited pace they searched for someone who could lay down some vocals, this was not expected to be easy as the music was so “different” from anything they could describe… The Noise Temple is born. If you are reading this and are within 150 miles of us in southern WI, feel free to contact us if you have any open spots in your music schedule.

I was directed towards these guys last night. They have a heavy stoner rock sound with a bit of metal and psychedelica involved. Give them a try, I think you’ll be pleased.


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