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Introducing… Doublestone

Doublestone was formed in Copenhagen, January 2011 as a grunge duo.
Already two months after, they made the first release (7 “vinyl, with 3 Tracks), which has been very well received. Kira Skov, from DR-songwriter commented on the single” Loaded “and was extremely positive.
Since then the style changed, to be more 70’s highway-rock, more stoner. Yet still with high energy and simple songs. Plus they have acquired a charming young bassist who really manages to get the new style and groove.
They have played 9 shows in Copenhagen, and have just returned from a trip to Seattle, where they went live on the radio to present the music.
Doublestone will try to schedule a tour this autumn on the U.S. west coast.
They’ll record all the new stuff in January 2012.

Bo Blond – Guitars, Vocals
Mike James – Drums, Vocals
Kristian Blond – Bass

Doublestone’s EP kicks some ass, literally and figuratively. If you want catchy hooks, trance inducing riffs and the rest of the package to go along, Doublestone are for you. i’m excited that a full length will be upon us soon. The EP is FREE!!!


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