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The Soda Shop Records Presents: Forged in Flame EP

Forged in Flame’s Gary Kane (vocals) had offered this EP up to use to give away for free download before. The album was stored in MP3 format on a Megaupload server. That service is no longer in use so the band has allowed us to give you the album for FREE once again. This time it’s hosted on the ever awesome Bandcamp and in full lossless format for those who prefer it.

The EP was released in 2008 and contains 4 songs:

  1. Miss Mothership
  2. Black Halo
  3. A Ravens Cage
  4. Hexa

Fans of anything metal, particularly stoner and heavy are going to all over this. The band is current;y active in the studio pumping out their first full length album due out sometime spring/summer 2012. Head on over to their Facebook page and “like” them to keep tabs on the progress as they put it out. Click on the player below to listen to to go to the download page to get your copy. Enjoy!


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