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Introducing… Firelord

Firelord start up in 2007 from the ashes of a Doom Metal project named Saint Judas founded by Mario E. Bussini few years before. In 2007 Beppe Tozza, Daniele Biffaro and Giulio Buscaglione joined the project. The band plays some covers and a couple of draft tunes heavy influenced by Black Sabbath, Count Raven, Gates of Slumber, Earthride, Saint Vitus and Wino projects, Doom scene, Stoner and Metal until’ 80s. Many problems and changes happened to the lineup, until 2011 when get stable with the entrance of bass player Dario Giuva, who joins the project and partecipate to realase of the four tracks recorded in the first Firelord EP. Actual lineup is formed by Mario E.Bussini (voice, guitars), Giulio Buscaglione (drums) and Dario Giuva (bass). The band is actually in studio recording the first EP.


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