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Epic Album of the Week – Electric Mud

Written by Ian Gerber

For The Soda Shop

So…we all know about fuzz rock these days.  Hell, we even call it “Fuzz Rock” as a point clarification in conversations we have amongst the hordes of underground rock fans we run into.  In 1968 Muddy Waters didn’t know what fuzz rock was, but he made a cornerstone record in regards to developing the sound.  “Electric Mud” is not your typical Muddy Waters records.  It’s like Muddy Waters playing in a rock band that is covering Muddy Waters.  It was meant to be his answer to the whole psychedelic revolution that was happening to rock and roll.  It was not a huge success among his fans and followers, (which is funny to think about, it sold over 150,000 copies in the first 6 weeks).  Time were different for the music industry back then and hearing a fuzz box and a wah pedal on a Muddy Waters recording just wasn’t up to his fans harsh judgement.  A common criticism was that Muddy was selling out to white audiences.  Gee, so much has changed since then.   I think its worth mentioning that “Are You Experienced” was released the same year . You never can win.  Today, Electric Mud has finally gained some of the respect it deserves.  Bands like Radio Moscow or The Flying Eyes would be a little lost without the sound that was being forged when this record was made.  Muddy was probably right when he said that he didn’t think the album was blues album, but it is a damn fine rock record.   Check out the Electric Mud version of Mannish Boy and tell me if it doesn’t blow away the majority of “stoner” rock music you here today.  After all, we are talking about the guy who said “Well you know there shouldn’t be a law for people who wanna smoke a little dope.”

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