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Daily Bandcamp Album – Operators – Operators

Mid-2009 was in Berlin a very special constellation of six young men, beyond their geographical and musical roots far beyond Berlin. Driving drums, rolling bass, symbiotic guitars, joyous organ and versatile creative vocals combine rock music from the 60s to today in a fun and exciting cocktail that is addictive, at least at first of their infectious live shows … or causing an overdose . Depending on the compatibility of the consumer. Because of the spontaneity and influenced their attitude Kyuss’scher Wüstenjams live energy is mainly for authenticity and unbridled enthusiasm.
OPERATORS is the band for every situation, every location, every party.
From psychedelic-heavy raptured up, straight up groovy, hip-swinging, shaking his hair up … In short: The Doors to punk rock?
Anything is possible, anything is possible. These guys do what they love: ROCK!


One response

  1. song from our gig at the DESERTFEST berlin, opening for orange goblin! it was a blast!

    April 24, 2012 at 12:24 pm

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