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Bandcamp Recommendations 2/2/2012

let’s get right to it shall we?

J / Q pronounced (jā kyo͞o) [the slash is silent]. Hard rock from Boston. Simple, straight up, and worthy of your download.

Bison Machine was featured last year. Their album was pulled but in it’s place is a nice live set titled Behold! O’ Inhabitants of the Mortar (Live @ GBS Detroit).

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, We Hunt Buffalo plays dirty, grimy stoner rock with fuzz-tastic results. Animal rights activists rest assured, they use the whole buffalo. I could’ve sworn I featured these guys before. If I did then cool, more exposure and a second change for those who forgot or passed it up.

The Mentalist” was recorded live at the STSound studio in Salt Lake City, UT in late 2009. The entire recording session with additional vocals, overdubs, sampling, bells and whistles took less than eight hours. The album, comprised of a single track, was nearly twenty-six minutes in length showcasing nearly every element of sound the band was then known for as well as several unexpected surprises. Much darker in tone than previous releases, the album would be the band’s first conceptual release.

hard riffy rock with some psychedelic undertones. we have songs that mostly tell tales of evil humans…mostly. we like simple odd time changes and yelling. Nick has a sampler and does a bunch of wicked sounds that act like glue… Anthony and Callen write gritty riffs and Chris plays drums along with those.. its a sizzler. please listen.

Heavy sludgy goodness? Where do I sign up? Right below.

Stone Magnum from Michigan City, was formed in August 2010 as merely an outlet of personal misery soon that soon evolved into the next powerful Midwest Doom Metal entity. With a style rooted in hook laden doom metal, Stone Magnum explores the dark forces controlling man’s submissive existence.  Stone Magnum’s debut self titled vinyl LP is available from Chicago’s RIP Record.


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