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Micro: Slabdragger, Regress

Slabdragger is a great band name, one;

Two, any band that describes themselves as “blues/ jam band/ metal” is worth at least checking out;

Three, their lyrical themes are classified as “epic journeys, weed, sea monsters…”;

Lastly, all this positive foreshadowing actually pays off: this is cool shit. Doomy, screamed sludge metal. “Bab el-Mandeb” is a great sludge tune, “Erroneous Maximus” rocks a vaguely-funky California stoner riff, “Trichome Oddyssey” is a wildly-heavy Pink Floyd, and “Iron Vulture” is the lost Sabbath tune they wish they wrote.

As near as I can ascertain, they’re a three-piece from London. Hopefully they’ll explode over the next few years. They should.

Slabdragger myspace link ($6!)


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