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Small Stone Recods Updates

Small Stone Records sent word out of a few upcoming releases due out this spring.

The first release due is Infernal Overdrive’s Last Rays Of The Dying Sun (review) due out officially on February 28th (but can be purchased now).

Next up is Sun Gods in Exile’s sophomore release Thanks For The Silver due out April 24th.

The next release is one of Small Stone’s newest signings, Boston, MA’s own Mellow Bravo. Their sophomore album and Small Stone debut is a self titled album die out May 8th.

The next release due is Greenleaf’s latest, Nest of Vipers due out June 12th. Two weeks later will see the release of Mangoo’s newest and also their Small Stone Debut, Neverland on June 26th.

You can checkout Small Stone’s website for more details and keep up to date with all the latest upcoming releases.


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