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Introducing… The Love Me Nots

Well not really a new band, they’ve been together for a while now and have put out a few albums. Given the band’s name, and today being Valentine’s Day, I figured hell why not.

The Love Me Nots: Band On The Run
Departing from the simple parenthetical of sixties garage retro, The Love Me Nots, two girls and two boys from Arizona, have progressively evolved into a powerful, melodic, seductive rock outfit.

Incandescent garage-rock by the gang from Phoenix, Arizona, continues to win new fans with each new release. By Eric Tandy.

Let us remember, for after all, it wasn’t so long ago. Following the global success of the White Stripes with Elephant, to believe some of the predictions of certain “enlightened” experts, the world should have become a huge garage. From the United States (The Dirtbombs, The Detroit Cobras and others) to Japan (Guitar Wolf), passing by Portugal (The Legendary Tiger Man) or even France (Jerry Spider Gang, Neurotic Swingers), gimmicks borrowed from the times of Link Wray, to the Count Five and to the Cramps, flavored with punk sauce, would sweep away everything in their path. The end of the 20th century’s version of garage rock would be the next big thing. Read More HERE


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