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The Soda Shop Podcast This Saturday!

listen to Grip of Delusion Radio this Saturday from 3-5EST for our weekly Podcast. This week’s theme, trains. I work professionally in the transportation industry working with trains so I thought I’d try my hand at a train themed Podcast. Each song has a train involved in some way, shape or form. It could be in the band’s name, the song name or the song itself. Tune in and hear foryourself this Saturday!


01 Ozzy Osbourne – “Crazy Train” from Blizzard of Ozz (1980)
02 The Crystal Caravan – “Train Song” from The Crystal Caravan (2009)
03 Albatross Overdrive – “Tijuana Train Wreck” from Albatross Overdrive (2010)
04 Delta Moon – “Ain’t No Train” from Hell Bound Train (2010)
05 Rainbows are Free – “Slow Train” from Believers in Medicine (2010)
06 Van Cleef – “Ghost Train Dog” from Where The River Meets The Rock (2010)
07 XII Boar – “Train Wreck” from XII (2011)
08 A Thousand Knives of Fire – “Last Train to Scornsville” from Last Train to Scornsville (2008)
09 Stoner Train – “Alcoholic Story” from Rusty Gears
10 Black Stone Cherry – “Lonely Train” from Black Stone Cherry (2006)
11 American Dog – “Train Kept a Rollin'” from If You Want Bud
12 Slo Burn – “Cactus Jumper” from Amusing The Amazing (1996)
13 Five Horse Johnson – “Feed That Train” from Mystery Spot (2006)
14 Helltrain – “My Little Stars” from Rock ‘n’ Roll Devil (2009)
15 Mastodon – “Trainwreck” from Remission (2003)
16 Maylene & The Sons of Disaster – “Last Train Coming” from III (2009)
17 Slow Train – “You Should Know Better” from Song of The Day (2002)
18 Social Distortion – “Drug Train” from Social Distortion (1990)
19 Realistic Train – “Big Mistress” from Realistic Train Demo (2010)
20 Mike Watt – “Bog Train” from Ballhog or Tugboat (1995)
21 Maya Mountains – “The Mudtrain” from Hash and Pornography (2009)
22 Wolfmother – “Love Train” from Dimensions EP (2006)
23 Southern Train Gypsy – “Tower Gates” from Hallelujah in the Fire (2011)
24 Duster 69 – “Nighttrain” from Angel King (2007)
25 Grand Magus – “Twilight Train” from It’s Over (Split with Spiritual Beggars) (2001)
26 Fort – “Ghost Train” from In A New Light (2006)
27 Love Mound – “Hell-Bound Train” from The Noose, The Tree, And The Desert Sky (2011)
28 Melvins – “Goose Freight Train” from Stoner Witch (1994)
29 Dolphins – “Galaxy Train” from Galaxy Train (2011)


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