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Introducing… Problem With Dragons

“Problem With Dragons play heavy, fuzzed-out, unself-conscious music, a meaty stew of metal, punk and stoner rock with a dash of sludge. The songs feature layered, multi-tracked vocals that range from eerie and creepy to primal scream, all backed by heavy riffage that alternately shreds and plods.”
-Matthew Dube (Valley Advocate)

“This isn’t your typical “stoner fare” either; Problem With Dragons use 90’s grunge/alt rock and Am Rep sounds as their jumping off points, and the two s t y l es compliment each other well.”
Andy “Dinger” Beresky (

“The sound of their fuzz bass is like uncovering a vintage MC-5 recording from a Michigan basement, dubbed over a Tijuana Brass cassette with the little plastic safety tabs punched out.”
Tom Sturm (Valley Advocate)


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