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Review – Stubb – Stubb

“Holy fuzz rock Batman” would be the words out of Robin’s mouth after listening to Stubb’s debut full length. Stubb has been around for a few years with one EP under their belt. Well they have just released their first full length and oh it is ever so good.

Stubb is a fine mix of hard rock, blues rock with plenty of fuzz. Right away the album kicks into high gear with the track “Road” and it doesn’t stop until the last note in “Galloping Horses.” “Road” is one catchy tune in itself. The Cream/Hendrix like riffs and guitar work, the catchy tune and lyrics (“Every road I take, it leads me to your door.”). “Scale The Mountain” gets fuzzier and a bit more aggressive but yet melodic at the same time. “Soul Mover” is what I would describe as a soul mover, the track was written to really get you going. It’s fast paced and really grooves. “Hard Headed Woman” (which I think is written about my wife, shhh.) starts off in typical Stubb fashion but takes a turn in the middle, it has a nice little break down then a slower instrumental all the way to the end. “Crying River” is a much slower and mellower song with a catchy guitar line. The little solo at about 2:45 in is petty damn good. “Galloping Horses” ends the album off in high fashion. It’s heavy and very very fuzzy. It’s also the longest track at 7:14 long. The vocals are somewhat aggressive and the instrumentals to close off the tack and album are about as perfect as one can get.

Some people believe in reincarnation. If you don’t then fathom this; Jimi Hendrix died and was reincarnated into Jack, Chris and Peter. The spirit of Hendrix lives through his music, his legacy and has influenced to many bands to name. One thing for sure though, his spirit has touched the guys in Stubb in a way in which I’ve never heard before. Stubb is one of those perfect albums. I can personally list it as a top album along with Graveyard’s self titled and any Clutch album. Listen for yourself below. Hell, the band is giving away the entire thing for free so you’ve got nothing to lose. Physical copies are available through Superhot Records on CD and LP.


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