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Introducing… Cuervo

Cuervo are a 4 piece rock band based in Sydney bringing you a mix of alternative, progressive and experimental rock flavours with a hint of desert rock.

With the driving grooves from Sid and Sam, combined with Nic and Carlos’ soaring melodies, Cuervo’s only aim is to rock the pants, and possibly socks off the unsuspecting listener.

Cuervo are far from being mundane. This tight foursome is frenetic in their playing, energetic in their performance and…a sheer delight to listen to. Their music is simply great. Original songs belted out by these four, beg to be listened to and that’s just what you do.

The lyrics are cool, the voices are experienced and the tunes, with their sometimes peculiar complexity, are somehow light-years ahead of these youngsters. It’s only when the lead singer addresses the audience that you realise that these are young people with a few tender months of experience behind them but a truly stellar career in the years ahead.

This is no ordinary band and their’s isn’t ordinary music.

Ladies and Gentlemen…..Cuervo
– Roy Barnes (Photographer)


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