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FEBRUARY16th, 2012

(San Francisco, CA) A new and truly independent record label, Gun Horse

Records (GHR), launches in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Mission:
Make music. Record. Pay the rent. Sleep. Start over.

The music industry could be considered to be in the worst decline as an industry,
but what isn’t declining? The artists and their art. We’ve recognized this shift in the
music industry, and believe that the independent artist can make it without big-label
subjective ideas, over-processed logistics and red tape. GHR caters to the
independent artist, and rewards the independent fan.

Gregory Cooper, GHR’s owner, is a musician, artist, designer and marketer.
Additionally, runs a design business, moonlights as a comic strip illustrator and has
a day job. His comments:

“I come from a 17+ year design, marketing and a high-tech background,
and I want to include that experience in the music space. While
researching the music industry I hit a stopping point. I thought the
business itself was archaic compared to this new distribution model of
independent music. I couldn’t figure out why bands would want to be on
a label in the old industry.”

“I know what inspires me, and I’m going to support the music and those
friends that create it. Hopefully that hard work will support the label. As
the major labels are diminishing, why wouldn’t it be the perfect time to
start up one? I’m too naive to know any better. “

The music biz is now all about the artist being that “troubadour”. Artists should just
simply play out, and their fan base will grow. GHR enables this process and
provides fans a truly high-end experience. In contrast, many major labels try to

deconstruct ways to throw money at their packaged products. It just isn’t working.
The music is either good or it’s not.

All of our marketing and public relations is done in-house, without big physical
distribution. We are nimble, and we utilize all of the powerful online tools available
to provide a great experience for fans.

“I’m already way over budget so I fired my PR dept., Publicist, Advertising,
Producer, Project Manager, Copy righter, and sales team. I’m doing it all.”

So, a new label is launched.

Artist: on the Gun Horse Records roster:
Sit Kitty Sit
The new album “Beautiful / Terrible” The new album is available exclusively on the
newly launched record label [ ]. You can get a free
download of their track “My Beloved” [ here ] At the time of this writing, the album
will be available on all the pertinent streaming sites; iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.

Regarding recent press, a track from their first album, “Purge” was selected for
Music Hype’s Track of the Week:

“Stripped to its bare essentials; some classy piano leads render a kooky-
ish slice of pop music, complimented by some fantastic vocal melodicism
from the Bay Area’s Sit Kitty Sit”

Sit Kitty Sit is playing the bay area scene.
Highlights include:
 a recent record release party at the Bottom of the Hill in SF
 Dates in Austin, TX, March 14th-16th, alongside SXSW
 playing the inaugural Bask Festival in Sonoma County in July Sat 21st
 mini west coast tour is currently being scheduled

Spirit Camera
Their debut EP will be available in late April. More information will be released in

For more information please contact:

Greg Cooper,
Gun Horse Records
Twitter: @gunhorse


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