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Introducing… Megafauna

Thax Douglas, Austin’s notorious rock poet who has introduced pretty much every band EVER, proclaimed Megafauna “one of the best bands on the planet.” Pretty high praise considering the man has shared stages with every band from Daniel Johnston to Destroyer. Perhaps he decided to stake his claim after hearing the opening tracks from Megafauna’s much-overdue debut CD, Larger Than Human. Touring at least as much — if not more — than they record, Megafauna has built a reputation on their fusion of delicate pop idioms and their reverent love for metal pastiche. Falling somewhere between the anxious enjambed rhythms of Deerhoof, and the siren-like vocals of English shoegazers My Bloody Valentine, Megafauna have a rounded sound that is hypnotic while still retaining a lot of physicality. The preliminary measures of solo drum in “Hug From a Robot”, the opening track, seem to say that this is an album with considerable mass behind it—and it intends to move.
Megafauna formed after established Brooklyn shredder Dani Neff packed her bags for the move to Austin, TX. Once there, local session players Will Krause and Cameron Page filled out the group. After several months of work through 2009, Megafauna has become one of the most sought after rock experiences in Austin, on a mission to bring the juncture of pop, progressive, and experimental fringes of rock to the fore-front of an Austin scene that has mainly subsisted on blues, singer-songwriters, vintage throw-back bands, and a general apprehension to move forward. Through 2010 and into 2011, we have been working on our follow-up album to Larger Than Human, and have embarked on 11 tours throughout the US to bring Austin’s new firebrand rock sound to other parts of the country.

Awesome classic and stoner rock with female vocals. This just kicks ass!


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