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Bandcamp Recommendations 2/23/2012

There’s a cemetery in the south suburbs of Chicago called Bachelor’s Grove. It’s rumored to be haunted. Over the years many people have gone to the cemetery in search for such ghosts, myself included. Most chicken out at the gate, others do not. This isn’t  a haunted ghost story, this is about music. The band (whom I’m sure took their name from the cemetery) is from Chicago and play mellowed out, blues based stoner rock.

This is part 2 of a planned trilogy of records telling the story of Rip and his daughter Anomoly. To listen to part 1 “The Capital in Ruins” please follow this link: look forward to part 3, which is in the works.

Banished from Tucson, AZ. We were forced to relocate to a scene that needed help in the loud ass rock and roll department, we chose Portland, OR. We are loud, and not afraid to fuck up, make strange noises, bleed, or be naked in front of people. We love, but it’s in a fucked up way.

White Chocolate and the Cigarettes play blues rock in the same vain as The Black Keys, Lions and The Mediums.

Not much is known about Golíat & Dead in Montana. This band from Barcelona, Spain play post-metal, sludgy and a doom metal mix. Who needs words though when you got good tunes to do your talking?

The Owl debut two song seven inch featuring “Stone Loner” and “Feaster From The Stars” will be released on February, 4 2012 as a collaboration with Magick Hermit Records, and Tombs In The Valley Productions in England. Owl plays doom metal that isn’t to shabby. They have a demo available as well so make sure you grab the.

The Kill Circuit has been writing and playing from their headquarters in Norfolk, VA since 2010. The main constant for the band has been how uncategorizable they are. Yes, they are a “rock band”, but they skim the boundaries of that word, giving homage to many musical influences in each melody.

Fortress: formed in March of 2011.Based out of Hagerstown Maryland. Featuring a member of Wolfnuke and ex members of Strong Intention and Leviathan AD. Production of our demo titled Fortress of Gods has begun and will be released in early 2012.These guys play slow a sludgy doom.

The Sindrones were born somewhere in abstract space when two atoms accidentally smashed into each other with an unheard of amount of speed. The collision caused the creation of four beings that were immediately transported to the planet Earth. Here they scouted for humans whose brains they could occupy. When they finally found the unknowing souls, they started a band to fulfill their ultimate purpose: To blow and expand consciousness with a hypnotic, droning, spiralling-altered-dream-like infusion of pulsating catastrophy.

Heavy Voodoo play heavy sludgy rock. Very heavy. So heavy you shit bricks just by listening to them. Go listen, download then go wipe yourself.


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