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Introducing… Bison Bison

“[WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM] When Lewis and Clark traversed the continent, American bison—known scientifically as Bison bison—were ubiquitous: The “senery already rich pleasing and beautiful,” Lewis journaled, “was still farther heightened by immence herds of Buffaloe…which we saw in every direction.” Today, wild bison are well-nigh extinct. Portland trio Bison Bison, meanwhile, represents a band species not so much extinct as vestigial, plying their red-blooded, straight-shootin’ jams (and unself-conscious instrumental showboatsmanship) in basements and dives while awaiting the return of the once and future rock ’n’ roll. Bison Bison does stray from the herd into metalish territory—and stands out: The group won the first round of East End’s Portland Metal Winter Olympics this month. ”

—  JONATHAN FROCHTZWAJG, Willamette WeekThe Pacific Northwest is home to many great bands. The music from that area of the US can only be rivaled by Ohio. Portland, OR’s Bison Bison is one to add to that growing list of excellent bands from the Pacific Northwest. They play stoner metal with an obvious doom metal tone. They sound a bit like Brokaw and sound like they could be part of Good To Die Records’ lineup. There’s only 2 tracks available to stream through their Facebook/Reverbnation pages but they are songs you must listen to!


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