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Larman Clamor ‘Frogs’ Artwork, Tracklist Revealed

“Uuuurp!” once more!
Here’s the FROGS album cover and the tracklist!

1. Frogs
2. Seven Slugs O’Mud
3. Mill Wheel Alchemy
4. The Mudhole Stomp
5. Undead Waters
6. Mine To Grind
7. Potions & Secrets
8. Black Cylinder
9. Within Temples Of Mold
10. Journey Of The Serpents

And for your enjoyment:
Download the album’s title track, “Frogs” on the LC BandCamp for free-o!

The next Larman Clamor album “Frogs” will be available somewhat this spring/summer!
Stay tuned for more updates!

The new single “FROGS” – title track of the album coming spring 2012!
Now on Bandcamp & Youtube!

“ALTARS TO TURN BLOOD” out Nov 4, 2011
Buy it at Kozmik Artifactz—Altars-To-Turn-Blood-CD.html
or – for the Swedish friends – over here at Ozium Records:

or get it over at

Excellent reviews:

Turn up the CLAMOR!


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