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Introducing… Abrahma

Formed in 2005, Alcohsonic presents a certain idealism of rock.

Blending 70s rock, blues with Southern roots and a modern sound that is often called ‘Stoner’ rock.
Inspired by big names from the past. such as Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Grand Funk Railroad…. and with more modern influences, (Clutch, Monster Magnet, Five Horse Johnson, Spiritual Beggars), the combo enrich their style with a little ‘blue note’ and well-worked lyrics and invest themselves to a maximum in what they love – the stage.

After having published their first Album ‘Songs From The Delirium Tremens World’ in 2009, the band went on to present it in many countries, playing alongside Brant Bjork, Cactus, American Dog, Electric Mary, Jaded Sun, Mudweiser etc…

The band then brought out an exceptional vinyl called ‘Dark Side Of Blues’ that appeared on several compilations (Riot on Sunset in the USA and Psychotic Reactions in Europe).

After five years of performing under the moniker Alcohsonic, and after releasing one full length album, one 7 inch (and one EP, the foursome returns with a new album, a new style, and a new name: ABRAHMA.

The album stands out as a jewel of the heavy rock/psychedelic genre, transporting the listener through a whirl of riffs to a world of obscure swamps where Hindu mythology meets voodoo magic.




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