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Review – Summer Love – Summer Love

I can’t find anything on these guys except I heard the name on a recent Soggy Bob Podcast. The band is Summer Love. According to the tags on the page, they are from Philadelphia, PA. They play really heavy psych. This is some pretty damn good shit. This album is like the time when your poor friend surprises you with good weed. You know, that same guy who is so poor, he can only afford ditch weed? Yeah, that guy. On a super rare occasion he comes up with some of the good shit. That’s what Summer Love is, they’re the good shit! Seriously, there are 5 tracks that, for a complete 17.8 minutes, will kick your ass, kick you in the nuts, yank your hair out, and melt your face all at the same time. Listen for yourself if you don’t believe me. Right now it’s stream only and I have no other information on the band (yet). More as I find out.


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