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Introducing… Grass

There’s no doubt Rock is going through one his most sweet and sour times. Old rockers are dying, people steal the art of distortion and swank of it, and the venues fail because of the languish demand of Rock.

In front of this sad panorama, the most incredible thing is that more than ever, there’s a whole generation commited to guitar and drums; new music is created, more labels are emerging and a small redoubt sticks loyal to the sound of a plugged in LesPaul.

GRASS is part of this generation.

GRASS is only 5 more people willing to move their asses, meet people, get in the van for unfinishing hours, bad eating, listen to Motörhead as loud as our health allows and applaud every human being moving and singing in the crowd.

Globalization and modern life made posible to us having a wide range of influences, with no specific order: Led Zeppelin, tobacco, Black Sabbath, Ron & Cola, the pengüins, Bar Angel in Masnou town, Kim Jong Il, Jimi Hendrix, Sheer Terror, Clint Eastwood, mate herb….

On grey days, GRASS wants color.



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