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Review – Summoner – Phoenix

Looking for a great metal album with lots of doomy and sludgy undertones? Look no further, the Phoenix has risen. The band is Summoner. They were formerly known as Riff Cannon and released an album almost 3 years ago called Mercury Mountain. Phoenix is their 2nd album, first under the new name.

Phoenix has everything to it that you’d come to love about a stoner metal album. It’s got the sludgy undertones both instrumentally as well as vocally. At times it’s a little doomy and you can even hear hints of psychedelic, space rock and progressive metal here and there. If there is one thing that Phoenix is good for, it’s the almighty riff. There are some mighty fine songs on here. “Winged Hessians” is a bit proggy and leads right into “Conjuring” which starts off with some really deep and face melting doomy riffs. It’s even a little bluesy ala Iota/Dwellers. “Let The Light In” is the longest song at about 9 1/2 minutes. It’s got some fantastic hooks that get your head grooving to the beat. I found myself unintentionally doing it through out the song. It’s a slower and more mellower song but it hooks you right from the get go. “Across The Iron Fields” is another one of those songs that gets you hooked.

I was a huge fan of Mercury Mountain. Phoenix seems to be a step away slightly but it’s a step in the right direction. It’s got the riffs, the hooks, and the right amount of awesomeness throughout. A sophomore album can be a hard thing to do. Do you write more of the same? Do you go in a different direction? Which direction and how far? I’m not sure if Summoner asked themselves those questions when writing Phoenix but they answered them pretty clear. Now the question I ask you, have you listened yet? What are you waiting for? The player is below, the price for a purchase is certainly affordable. Get it now, you wont regret it.

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