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Introducing… Torso/Inside Review

Torso is an Quartett from Austria,playing complex Psychedelic/StonerRock influenced Sets.
Formed 2009 as “Montezuma”,an Instrumental 3 Piece performing trippy psychedelic Jams.
After Recording a Song for a Compilation,a fourth Member joined the Band.
From this Moment on it wasn’t only tripping outta Space.
Early 2011 a new Drummer joined Torso,completing the actual Lineup.
The first Album “Inside” was recorded on September and will be released in 2012 on “StoneFree Records”.

4 guys.
A psychedelic journey.
Influenced by early rock.
From deep in a hole.

Wow. This is pretty deep. Torso’s upcoming release Inside is pretty damn good. Torso play very bluesy, heavy psych rock. Think of Mount Carmel or to a lesser degree, Radio Moscow. It’s very cool and mesmerizing. I like the fact that non of the songs sounds like another. Each song has it’s own identity. Some are a bit heavier and lean towards the blues side or it can be mellow lean towards the psychedelic spectrum. Then there’s those that mix it up. This is going to be one that people will be talking about years from now.

Listen to “Inside” HERE


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