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Bandcamp Recommendations 3/01/2012

PALO VERDE is a highly improvisational all-female, metal/sludge/noise duo from Portland OR. The band initially formed as experimental double-drum duo called Stick-It-In but evolved into the current improvisational guitar/drums incarnation. Since 2006, they have performed extensively in the Northwest and throughout the U.S., sharing the stage with bands such as Jucifer, Thrones, Black Elk, Japanther, and Kusikia. Drummer Lauren K also plays guitar in the blistering LKN.

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Black Sabbath, Shellac, Jucifer.

The fourth chapter of the trip, a journey through the cosmos, the heavy psych compilation made in Italy!Aptly distributed by magazine, DESERT SOUND Vol. IV – IN THE MOUTH OF FUZZ packs 25 combustive cuts from the smoke filled scene defined by hot rock’n’roll, chuggin’ guitars, dirty fuzz, psychedelic visions, feedback and cowbell fills. A volcanic trip deep into the Italian heavy stoner psycho doom panorama, with tracks that range straight out of power hittin’ stonerville, to the psychedelic side, as well as the doom mantras and spacey pipe dreams action.DS Vol. IV – IN THE MOUTH OF FUZZ opens with the mighty Pater Nembrot. The intro cut sets the stage for the entire adventurous set, which includes tracks from – among others – Zippo (feat. Ben Ward from Orange “fuckin’!” Goblin), Space Paranoids, Black Capricorn, Cannibal Movie, Da Captain Trips, and Black Rainbows.
The album is available as a free digital download (MP3 320 kbps and .Iso file for your personal CD) with a deluxe trippy artwork and packaging by ExLab, based on the original paintings of late Renaissance Italian visionary painter and illustrator Jacopo Ligozzi.

Next is Gravemarcher. They hail from Philadelphia, PA. Fast paced stoner metal that borders sludge and even a little thrash. Very cool stuff.

Cuervo are far from being mundane. This tight foursome is frenetic in their playing, energetic in their performance and…a sheer delight to listen to. Their music is simply great. Original songs belted out by these four, beg to be listened to and that’s just what you do.The lyrics are cool, the voices are experienced and the tunes, with their sometimes peculiar complexity, are somehow light-years ahead of these youngsters. It’s only when the lead singer addresses the audience that you realise that these are young people with a few tender months of experience behind them but a truly stellar career in the years ahead.This is no ordinary band and their’s isn’t ordinary music.

Ladies and Gentlemen…..Cuervo
– Roy Barnes (Photographer)

Featuring rowdy riffs and a dynamic wall of sound, rockers Ted and Gary Schwick perform an array of original tunes that aim to please. The resulting sound is a mixture of vintage rock’n’roll and dirty hooks. If you don’t like rippin’ vocals, heavy guitar, and loud drums.. check out a show, you might be surprised.

Belt of Vapor hail from Spokane, WA. They have that Pacific Northwest sound but it’s a bit fuzzy ala Truckfighters. There’s no reason not to grab this along with the other material they have up.

Head for The Sun play fuzzed out stoner rock. Here is a live set available for your fuzziness pleasure. If you like Kyuss/Slo Burn John Garcia material, this is right up your alley.

A lot of you out there are already familar aren’t, they play heavy, down tuned, in your face doom metal. Here is a live recording the band played a few weeks back.

Grass. Who doesn’t like some every now and then? Well I think you’ll like Grass too. Grass are an experimental sludge rock band from Philadelphia.


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