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Introducing… Police Teeth

“This is one of the best things I’ve heard so far this year…Police Teeth are awesomer than most.”

“Police Teeth are another band that proves punk rock isn’t dead, but rather still healthily stalking around in sweaty, cigarette-fogged basements. The group’s latest record, Awesomer Than The Devil, effortlessly sinks into a rhythmic, The Argument-era Fugazi groove one minute, and slingshots back to the sing-along style of old the next. Even so, the band never reaches for the cookie cutter; rather than following a simple guide through the punk rock lexicon, Police Teeth take marked risks and detours, sidestepping off the worn paths of their predecessors.” – The Onion AV Club Milwaukee

“You get the hooks, volume, and humor of it all dressed up in a nice cranked up distorto fashion. No real gimmicks, just rock.” – Built On A Weak Spot

“Wow, there are so many great styles of music coming from one band. I felt like a kid at Christmas and was completely blown away.” – Elementary Revolt

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