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Review – FTW – FTW

I’m not sure if this is a demo or actual release. It sounds pretty damn good to be a demo. The tunes are deep and heavy and feature plenty of riffs. The opening track “The Witch” reminds me bit of a mix between Wo Fat, Pantera and a little Black Label Society. “Roadburn” starts off with what appears to be a washed out bass line which becomes less and less washed out as the song progresses and the first vocals kick in. The riffs on this one are catchy as hell. “Release The Tide” is one of those songs that just grooves. It’s got a nice steady beat to it. “The Night Rider” is also slow and steady and has a kick ass beat to it. It’s the longest at just under 9 minutes and the perfect track to bring the EP to a close. Vocally it’s a bit louder but it’s worked into the song real well.

This EP is fucking heavy. It’s capable of waking the neighbors and having call the police on you. I’d hate to see what would happen if you were to turn the volume all the way up. Stoner metalheads, if you haven’t heard these guys yet, do yourself a favor, fill your ears with this head and ass pounding EP. It’ll be the best ass whooping you’ve had since your daddy beat yours as a kid. The band doesn’t have anything posted to listen to that I know of, check them out on Facebook.


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