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Introducing… PhonoOne

PhonoOne – without compromises …
70’s roots rock is our specialty. Loud and hard, but also melodic and spacey, it must be, if it bears our name. 2006 complaints it has begun a triumvirate with the mischievous knüppelt the fish Köppen’s pop out of the bowels. In 2009, we came to a man gain to Berlin, a large portion of capital to sniff dirt and big block V8 with our Nightliners nitro refuel. Who sees us at our concerts, is now convinced of the authenticity and waft the heart’s blood, mixed with sweat and snot across the room. Uncompromising “Koeppe-wiggle” is called for, because even though the seventies already 40 years are over, that does not mean you can not have fun anymore with the Mucke. So we are constantly on the road and keep our promise to celebrate the classic hard rock and smash bedingunglos so old and young hard-rock Fond the meaning of life around the ears.

These guys have the southern blues rock, ala, SRV, Blood of The Sun going for them. Ver col sounding. Listen on their Facebook page (link below) and you can download a few of the tracks from the player.


One response

  1. SaintLee

    Musically, this reminds me of Leaving the Tress (Colorado band from the early 2000s). Solid sound, probably goes over VERY well live. These guys could make a killing down here in the deep south with that sound.

    March 4, 2012 at 5:53 pm

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