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The Soda Shop Podcast This Saturday!

Tune in this Saturday 3-5 EST to Grip of Delusion Radio for our weekly Podcast. Heavy, that’s it. No quirks or anything, just heavy music. Heavy rock that bleeds into doom and a little bit of sludge. Sit back, scratch your sac and enjoy.


01 Rifflord – “Children of the Electric Currency” from Rifflord (2009)
02 Saint Vitus – “Jack Frost” from V (1989)
03 Fellwoods – “Fell Hand” from Wulfram (2011)
04 Summer Love – “By The Wayside” from Summer Love (2012)
05 Christian Mistress – “Home in the Sun” from Agony and Opium (2010)
05 Acid King & Altamont – “Phase II (Extended Mix) from Down With The Crown (1997)
06 Tombstones – “Supernoid” from II (2010)
07 Sleep – “Holy Mountain” from Holy Mountain (1993)
08 Count Raven – “The Entity” from Mammons War (2009)
09 Devil – “Time To Repent” from Time To Repent (2010)
10 Elder – “Riddle of Steel Pt. 1” from Elder (2008)
11 Eternal Elysium – “Waiting For The Sun” from Share (2002)
12 The Lamp of Toth – “Ancient Fire” from Sing As You Slay (2009)
13 Orange Goblin – “The Fog” from A Eulogy For The Damned (2012)
14 Rise of the Willing – “Who Is There To Blame” from Dark Desert Tales (2012)
15 Wheelfall – “Howling” from Interzone (2012)
16 Potergeist – “Southwards” from Southwards (2007)


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