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Epic Album of the Week – Strangers in a Strange Land

Written by Ian Gerber for The Soda Shop

Fancy an independent Epic Album?  Yeah, me too.

This weeks album is by a ‘monolithic’ band called The Moundbuilders.  Hailing from Lafayette, IN, The Moubduilders are just now getting around to working on the buzz of their debut album.  You can check out their albums review right here on the The Soda Shop.  Being as that I personally watched them record a lot of this record, I can honestly say that the whole idea for “Epic Album of the Week” originated from the sessions.  “Strangers in a Strange Land” features nine brutally grooved out stoner metal tinged rockers that build a concept record centered around the society of native american tribes that inhabited areas around the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers long before the white man came around.

So why is this album epic?  Well, it took them two years to record so that they might nail down every twin harmony line and make sure that every riffed crushed.  Also, there just aren’t that many bands in the doom/sludge/stoner arena laying native american mythology down into song.  Starting with the Baroness tinged intro of ‘Wake of the Red Witch’ and ending with the doom laden “Narcomancer”, ‘Strangers in a Strange Land’ can boast of touching just about every genre that might have a “stoner” prefix and never let up.  This album crushes.


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