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Introducing… Mad Shadow

Formed in 2007 and taking their name from the 1970 Mott the Hoople LP, MAD SHADOW worked the Vancouver scene relentlessly, headlining the top clubs and making a name as a solid, vintage-sounding heavy blues band that was guaranteed to put on a stand-up show each and every time they hit the stage. Performances have been known to last up to 4 hours, featuring boatloads of original blues rock, covers you love to hear, covers you’d never expect to hear, and if you’re lucky, perhaps a JAZZ ODYSSEY.

The members of MAD SHADOW show a unique trait among today’s oft-boring music scene. Rather than hit the stage in black T-shirts and play some power chord sequences through solid stage amplifiers, MAD SHADOW has grown to display both virtuosity and free-flowing improvisational abilities during the course of a performance, which results in a shocking display of musical cohesion. ERIK OLUFSON’s stratospheric vocal capabilities have melted many an unsuspecting mind. BUDDY LINDGRIN has shown tens of thousands of people that bass can be more than a background instrument. DANIEL JAMES has really, really good tone.

In mid-2010, original drummer Joshua McDonald suffered a three story fall, and began to question his future as a rock drummer. Leaving later that year, MAD SHADOW was presented with the dubious task of replacing one of the most solid drummers in Vancouver. The solution? To look outside of Vancouver, of course! In November 2010, COLE GEORGE of Campbell River, BC was inducted into the present MAD SHADOW lineup, providing a new rhythmic foundation of badassery for the band to build their heavy rock cottages upon.

Playing across the the country with such acts as April Wine, Finger Eleven, the Yardbirds, Blues Traveler, and others, MAD SHADOW continue to show people that real rock and roll still exists.


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