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Review – Godhunter – Wolves

My neck hurts. I wasn’t sure why then I turned off the speaker. All of a sudden my neck felt better (but still a bit sore). I turned my speakers back on and my neck hurt again and seemed to be getting progressively worse. I had to seek the source of the pain and it occurred to me. I was listening to Godhunter’s latest release Wolves.

There are plenty of highlights on the album such as the opening track, “Stop Being (Sheep).” It’s mostly instrumental, the vocals don’t start in until about 3 minutes in. The vocals are slow and drawn down. The next track, “Wolves of the North” is a much faster paced, heavy and really aggressive song. “Powerbelly” has a bit of a thrash feel to it in the way it’s played but as it progresses, it slows down.

There is something about this album that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Then it hit me, I loved the instruments, I love the tune, the Sabbath and co inspired tone is what really drives this album. The aggressiveness of the vocals firmly compliments the rest of the album. It’s an album that can really get you motivated, get your head swinging and ready to go a trash the town black. Listen for yourself, if you like, click the player and be transported to a magical place called Bandcamp where you can order all types of goodies from the band.


2 responses

  1. Time to drown the thrash black hail yeah!

    March 7, 2012 at 6:48 am

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