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Introducing… Murcielago

Doug from Gozu gets credit for pointing out this next band to me.

Murcielago has started recording. We have had a couple of days recording at Acadia Recording Co. in Portland. Stay tuned for some tunes.

Portland’s got itself a new rock supergroup: MURCIELAGO.
Named for a bull that wouldn’t die during a bullfight (it’s also spanish for “Bat”), they’re loud as hell and feature guitarists NEIL COLLINS (TWISTED ROOTS, LINCOLNVILLE, ELDEMUR KRIMM) and MATTHEW ROBBINS (KING MEMPHIS), plus bassist NICK LAMBERTO (LOST ON LIFTOFF, RULER OF THE RAGING MAIN), and drummer BRIAN CHALOUX (PIGBOAT).
-(Portland Phoenix)

Take dabs of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, sprinkle some Cactus, Fu Manchu, and Captain Beyond and you get the rock that is Murcielago. Riff heavy rock and roll.
Big fans of loud amps, Murcielago will wreck your face.

You have to hear these guys. Awesome hard and heavy stoner rock with plenty of guitar riffs to keep you busy for weeks, no, years! There’s 4 tracks to listen to, 3 studio (2 of which are downloadable) and a live track.


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