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Introducing… Beastwood

The band was formed in Casper, Wyoming on September 14th, 2010 by Jeff (drums), Blake (guitars) and Jake (vocals). After forming, developing a heavy practice schedule and writing, the band started playing shows in just under a month of being together. Keeping a steady pace of constantly writing and playing, within 4 months of being together, the band already had shirts being sold, a 3 song demo, a 5 song EP recorded, and numerous shows notched into the bands belt.

Soon after, the then 3 piece made their way into Salt Lake City, Utah to record their first full length album, “Sex Devil”, complete with 12 original songs. Keeping up with their reputation of hard work and quick progress, the band had completed the entire recording process in just 2 days time.

After making their way back into Wyoming, the band immediately went back to writing and playing as many shows as possible. During this time the band also ended their hunt for a bass player when they recruited Tanner to complete the lineup.

The group has been featured on Rock 96.7’s “Locals Only” twice and ASUW’s Student Radio at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming.

In just year together the band has managed to professionally record and release a full length album, and play with many national acts. Such as co-headline a festival with Dope and Soil. The band has also played with other national acts such as Cold, Puddle of Mudd, Lansdowne, Sugar Red Drive and Hemlock. They have quickly built a name for themselves among the locals and surrounding states. They have landed themselves endorsements from Ink Spot Tattoos, Black Sunday Tattoos, Hot Rod Lincolns, and Diamond Dolls Salon. They are also regarded as a big favorite among other bands in the Wyoming area due to their performance, hard work, and personalities.

The band released their debut album “Sex Devil” on July 24th, 2011, by hosting the first annual BEASTWOOD BASH. An event paid for by the band entirely that featured 2 other Wyoming locals with live music and free food open to the public in City Park in Casper, WY.

The band embarked on a fall tour in September and October 2011 booking the entire thing themselves. Going through Nevada, California and Colorado. For an unsigned band to book a tour in areas where they are completely unknown it was a success.

Right now they plan to press more and release new merchendise and currently working on the beginning stages of their second album and starting the process of booking another tour. They will continue to push themselves, constantly breed new material and continue to work hard, which is exactly what they’re known for.


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