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Bandcamp Recommendations 3/8/2012

“Temples is a musical journey to the edges of the world, the dreamworld, the subconscious, life, existence, oblivion, sensitory control, concentration, reflection, enlightenment of the conscious and the realization of self.”

Temples are a heavy psych band with some pretty wicked tripped out tunes.

started in the Winter of 2008 as the band Warriors on the Edge of Time. Changed our name and released tape in summer of 2010. finished two small tours of the midwest and played a number of shows in the Denver area. after a brief hiatus we are back with more amps and a desire to bring the thunder.Black Acid Devil play heavy sludge and doom filled metal. Heavy as fuck and crush your nuts heavy.

Supertzar are a vintage hard rock and heavy metal band from Finland. Grab their Funeral Blues -Ep.

High Priest of Saturn are a heavy doom laden band from Norway. Mix in a blend of psychedelics and there you go. There’s only two tracks but when you figure in both tracks being 9 and 10 minutes long each, you have yourself a nice little set of tracks to mellow out with.

Skeleton Gong is a bong gonging, cyder abusing, wychfinding doom metal project from Glasgow, Scotland. An idea of two friends, neighbours, sinners & vibrations of the mind of the one true god whose name is love – Rick & Rab.The slowest band in the world. 5 years of doing nothing but now we’re here to gong over the earth.
Enjoy! Bong & be gonged!

eyes was a bay area based band that drew heavily from kraut rock, psychedelic rock and african music. they recorded two albums and a collection of impove based recordings before their demise.

Doomheads will know the next band, Pilgrim. This is their Forsaken Man Demo from last year.

Slug Lord a from Finland. They play heavy and bone crushing sludge rock. This is one you don’t want to pass up.

“One-time Jackalopes singer Rev. Chad Wells took a hard left turn from his punk and hard rock roots in 2010 when he released the psych-rock album, Home, under the moniker Cricketbows. The homemade prog-rock draws equally from folky Roky Erickson/Syd Barrett-style acid-casualty songs and extended Krautrock-esque epics and is a far cry from The Jackalopes’ Misfits-inspired sound.”-Don Thrasher

30.000 Monkies are twenty-four boys who play heavy riff-oriented rock music in the tradition of Melvins and Kyuss, but also inspired by bands like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. Name the sound they produce stoner, noise or shoegaze, 30,000 Monkies guarantees a storm of sound, peppered with nonsensical lyrics. In 2011 they released their first EP in-house, Womb Eater Wife Beater, off.


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