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Introducing… Zombie King

ZOMBIE KING was born in 2008. Soon, the group wants to move in a register stoner-rock, influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Kyuss or Fu Manchu. After a debut album released in 2009, the group chained concerts, making the first part of groups spearheaded by the French stoner scene, or GLOWSUN DISIDENTES LOS DEL MOTEL Sucio. 2011 saw the release of second album, “Son of a witch”, much more rooted in the landscape stoner than its predecessor.
Here’s a story about a french band that are really into The Walking Dead Tv Show that they named their band after a zombie. Ok so that part was made up. Really though, Zombie King are from France. They play stoner rock with a lot of heavy Black Sabbath influenced crushing riffs. The band is female fronted and I would go as far as to call them the French version of Christian Mistress. Their recently released self titled album is currently streaming only however they do have 3 tracks available for free download through their Bandcamp page. Listen and download.


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