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Introducing… Tuco Ramirez

Tuco Ramirez stole thier name from the one and only “ugly” bandit /desperado in the classic Sergio Leone masterpiece –
‘ The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly ‘ But enough about that. This is about US ! … Big, bad southern rock, and 70’s metal – inspired grooves/ riffs / and soul that all comes forth when a certain five desperado rockers come together. A band that rolled the dice and came up lucky enough to find the kind of musical lock that only happens once in a very long time. Personnel – wise, this band happens to be the joining together of two S.F. bay area rock bands.3/5ths SIX LITER, and 2/5ths CANYON CREEP. The 5 came out of semi – retirement and got together to share a few riffs and dirty stories. None had any idea that they would luck into something that is required for a real rock band to work : good, old – fashioned chemistry ! The gel all began in early 2010.

Fast forward to early 2012. Two recorded EPs later and several gigs. The TR crew is just trying to make their band and the music they write better and better. The songs on their facebook/reverbnation page are songs from their first recording session. The band will make the songs from their second recording session available soon, while they begin the search for a deal to get their debut cd/lp made. Yep, TUCO RAMIREZ are currently shopping thier music to independent labels for the release of their recordings. Stay tuned.


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