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Review – Baby Woodrose – Third Eye Surgery

So, Baby Woodrose has a new album coming out in April. I don’t know Lorenzo Woodrose personally but from what I can tell, the man keeps pretty busy. The man could be considered the king of psychedelic rock the way he puts out albums. Between Dragontears and Baby Woodrose among others, he has quite the resume.

I’ll be honest, I’m at a loss for words here on this one. The album isn’t bad, in fact, it’s great. It’s one of those albums that hits you and makes you say “wow.” Die hard fans of Lorenzo’s work are going to eat this up. It seems the more that Mr. Woodrose puts out, the trippier it gets. There’s lots of moments where you feel like you may be listening to Indian music as it has a lot of the flair and tone making you think that the album originates in India. The whole time I listened to Third Eye Surgery I felt as if I had taken a huge hit of acid and was tripping out the whole time. I wasn’t actually high on anything, Baby Woodrose’s music can and will do that to you.

This is yet another winner to add to the trophy mantle above Lorenzo Woodrose’s mantle. It’s got rock and it’s got roll. It’s trippy while being pleasant at the same time. It’s due out in a few short weeks through Bad Afro Records.


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