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Bandcamp Recommendations 3/15/2012

Grave Disgrace is a heavy doom metal band from Russia with a lot of 70s doom metal, ala Sabbath, Trouble, Pentagram influence. This is one track (there is one other as well) that is just shy of 10 minutes long. It’s heavy and down tuned just to your liking.

The Shepherd Propaganda:
1. Make EVIL music.
2. Destroy The Corporation.
3. Deploy stealthy EVIL theta waves which spread our message of doom.

Shall I post more? This is a live set the band put out recently

“Vol 2” is the new, second album of Miriam in Siberia, recorded in analog in Red House Studio in Senigallia (One Dimensional Man) and mastered by Salt Mastering, New York (LCD Soundsystem, Animal Collective).

Available in special edition of 206 copies hand-numbered, vinyl-7 ‘more CDs containing the entire album. A trip between analog sounds hard ’70s, folk and psychedelic grooves deep and dark, influenced by Black Mountain, Black Keys, Pontiak, but also from Sabbath and Zeppelin.

/ / / RELEASES / / /
NOISE: “Energetic, hypnotic modulation features hard prog and indie. Beautiful acoustic cooling break-Californian desert” The Flowers of Eleusis. “Precise and powerful heavy songs, like the space stoner” Servants and Servants. “Always free from poses or sdilinquimenti pussy from indie band. ”

RARE: “From rock to ’60s prog vaguely PFM, highly personal style. They deserve more consideration: we put the stress on the vinyl 7″ which accompanies the CD ”

SENTIREASCOLTARE: “Verve, constancy,” Vol 2 “is a cavalcade of psych-rock reverb, wave fluctuations and experiments between the caustic and the wild”

Single ‘Scarlett Blues’, taken from ‘Octavia’ EP. Chocolate Love Factory is no stranger to these pages. Their unique blend and take to a Queens of the Stone Age sound makes for some great songs. Grab the single and catch the stream of the entire Octavia album while you’re there.

Inspired by mythology, the paranormal and classic sci-fi, I Saw The Deep identifies itself by crafting cryptic, almost cinematic story lines into monolithic pillars of sound.

Influences like The Sword, The Tea Party and Mastodon reflect mostly in the fact that -not unlike I Saw The Deep- all these groups before mentioned walk their own unique tenacious path.

Down in Florida, there is a lurking heaviness afoot. A Satanist Skunk Ape barging its way through trundles ov swamp lichen and muck, swaths ov tropical trees and fanning fronds, hordes ov irritating (and sometimes life-threatening) insects, humid heat and monsoon-level rains to bring that heaviness to the rest ov the world. This southern-fried Yeti THROMBIBULOUS ov which I speak is now upon you all, in the form ov this compilation ov bands that are the sound ov what is RIGHT NOW here in the Sunshine State….

“Extremely dirty stoner-sludge. The sole guitarist unleashes extremely dirty stoner-sludge riffs and the drummer adds both volume and strength in syntheseis.”
– Welcome to the Void (Greece) 02/12

Female fronted band that mixes up alternative, shoegaze and pop rock with lots of fuzzed out guitars.

Ready for some almost completely doom metal? Of course you are. Witchstone play just that. They hail from the mighty Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Judging from their music, I’m willing to bet that where ever they play, the snow stays away. Caution, this music is beastly.


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