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Introducing… Vile Red Falcons

Since 2008, Vile Red Falcons have been descending upon the Northwest to deliver a new yet familiar breed of riff based rock. They make a bold sonic statement with churning over driven guitars and a bass and drum combo so solid and heavy that they make their own gravity. Drawing heavily on groups like Soundgarden, AC/DC, and Queens of the Stone Age the Vile Red Falcons put on an energy filled live show that is sure to please. Guitarist and singer John Beidel belts out lyrics that are full of attitude, unashamed and truthful. Nate Rich paces the stage wringing unison riffs and moaning wah pedal sounds from his guitar while James Bench and Kevin Kildun issue forth a torrent of pulsing bass and solid drums that anchor the group’s sound. Once the Falcons descend on your town you’re guaranteed to have a night so full of rock you’ll be spitting gravel!

These guys have a great sound to them. nice guitar driven classic rock sound. Excellent for hangover recovery. A full review is due soon.


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