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Review – Knife – Knife

The band has no official bio posted anywhere so I can’t give you their version of the band’s history. I didn’t know about these guys until they sent in an email saying “hey, check us out!” When I get those I usually check them out to make sure their music is either within the realm of The Soda Shop of just plain ol kick ass enough that I have to share. Well it turns out that Knife fits both parts.

Where to start off. Well this is tough. They are a 5 piece from the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan for those who don’t know. Their music is aggressive, really really aggressive. Their self titled album is quite the dick kicker. It’s a force from hell. The vocals are deep and very gruff. The music is heavy metal without a shadow of a doubt. If you listen closely you’ll hear elements of sludge and doom metal. It’s melodic and really well played. I’m reminded of Gypsy Chief Goliath, a little Baroness and to a lesser degree, Black Tusk.

Apparently they’ve been turning heads as of late as they opened for Tool a few months back (video below). They were even featured on The Obelisk at some point. If you like your metal heavy, fried, and in your face, Knife is for you. You better watch out through, Knife will stab you if you’re not ready, that’s how it hits you.


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