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Current Rotation 3/18/2012

The Forest And The Trees by The Gingerdead Men is a heavy stoner metal album with a little sludge flavor throughout. While the vocals are easily sung and understandable, there are some high pitched screams and yelling that is often associated with sludge music. It certainly adds to the otherwise excellent music.The first few times I tried to listen to the album it became nothing more than background music due to other events going on. Once I got a chance to sit down and pay attention to it, it was clear to me that this album is pretty damn good. It’s deep, it’s heavy, at times it can be a little sludgy but over all, the flow is good. The music at times can be harmonious and off the wall. Punk, hard rock, sludge? It’s tough to really tie everything together because when you think the band is going one way, they go the other. This is one album you can really get moving to. You’ll want to start moshing through it too.

Zippo is a band new to me but have been around for a number of years. Their latest and third release Maktub made it’s way to my ears recently. I like the post rock/post grunge sound in their otherwise heavy psych sound of Zippo. “The Personal Legend” begins and at times you can swear you hear the late Layne Staley. It’s nice and mellow but yet rocks at the same time. Maktub is full of radio friendly songs. Not all of them though. “Man of Theory” is one such that a radio audience would pan. The smarter listeners (you reading this) would absolutely eat this up and ask for seconds. Actually, that’s what I did after listening the first time. Maktub is well worthy of being in any constant rotation. The whole Alice in Chains sound is nice and yet refreshing so as to not call the band a copy cat. The influences are there but really, that’s where the comparisons really stop.

This one has been in line for a review for some time now. Almost a year to be exact. It was an unfortunate causality of no time and other events going on. Released last year on the excellent Go Down Records, 3 Mexicans from G.O.R.M.A. released their very good G.O.R.M.A. album.The band is not a bunch of Mexicans as the name would suggest but  a bunch of Italians. Their theme is that of a wild west from the 1800’s. The sound though is far from it. They play hard rock, bluesy stoner rock with a hint of desert rock. G.O.R.M.A. plays out almost like a concept album starting with an intro, broken up with interludes and a few instrumentals and ending with an outro. It’s certainly something else, it’s different.

Here is one that I discovered a while back but was recently submitted. I’m glad it came through because I forgot how good it is. The band, Rainbows Are Free. The album, Believers in Medicine. If you like good ol fuzzed out hard rock and roll, Rainbows Are Free have you covered. Believers in Medicine is one hell of an album too. The guitars are fantastic, fuzzy, heavy and there are plenty of riff to stuck in your head. The music is really catchy which I thought was one of the appeals of the album. I was humming a few afterwards. This isn’t an album you should pass up. They do have a previous EP as well (which equally kicks ass).

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