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Introducing… Voodoo Pistols

The voodoo story .. .
At the foot of a giant cactus, in the baking heat of a desert plain , on the sand gnarled earth , lay a Gibson les paul. A guitar with a soul. Nobody knows how long it had been laying there, absorbing the subtle tones of the desert, some say it grew out of the desert itself. Spawned from tumbling heat that could evaporate men’s souls. All we truly know is that a man called Nas found it. Gripped by it’s esoteric aura he began to play the new sound. But this was not the only thing lurking in the sand that fatefull day, for as the Gibson was lifted from it’s cactus throne it unearthed a huge artifact made of cow skins and wood, a primative kick drum of some sort. The ancient instrument was lifted out by Al who quickly mastered it’s exotic sound. With the massive drum strapped to his back Al made his way along the Cow trail, a 50 mile trip which would take him to an oasis known as the Palace of Fire. It was this oasis where Al would meet Luke Sandwalker, a man who made his fortune by capturing and bottling the life giving water of the Palace.


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