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Daily Bandcamp Album – Geiser – Bipolar

Lead Heavy riffs, pounding drums, a psychedelic wall of sound, effects drenched vocals, tormented lyrics. Atmospheric, misanthropic, sometimes raised and at times completely insane.

Geyser lies heavy on the stomach, with premeditation. Large contrasts in tempo and volume and an intense live show to keep the listener focused. Elements of Noise Rock, Sludge, Stoner, Metal-postrock and come back in a mix by the 5-number itself affectionately Post-Cock-Noise is labeled.

Originating from the Region Arnhem-Nijmegen Geyser active since 2010, highlighted by performances at The Affaire Nijmegen, several sweaty club shows and a program for A Place To Bury Strangers in Sleeping Beauty. Bipolar is the first EP released December 29, 2011 on CD and LP.

For fans of bands like Melvins, Monster Magnet, Motorpsycho, Neurosis, Oxbow, Kyuss, Kylesa, Pelican, Unsane, Mudhoney and Butthole Surfers. For fans of bands with a unique identity.


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