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Bandcamp Recommendations 3/22/2012

Released a few days ago is the new album by Ice Dragon. The album, Tome of the Future Ancients, is a doomy sludge fest. Grab this one. It’s epic.

Here’s one I found by mistake. Make no mistake about it though, it’s pretty damn good. The band is Buey. They are from Spain and play the desert rock/Queens of the Stone Age that we’re all accustomed to. Sounds pretty hefty if you ask me.

Owl are a metal band with plenty of stoner rock riffs and licks throughout. They have formaly released a few debuts songs on a 7″ records, available free to you, the listener in digitial form. There is physical media available but quantities are limited.

Menhir is a three-piece rockband from somewhere between a rock and a hard placeMenhir is solid, Menhir is heavy, Menhir is a big-ass monolith but in stereoMenhir is founded by Lurr, Kang and Gazoo in January 2012 and will probably go on until the second coming of the Stone Age, and then they will sleep.

Dripping with animal magnetism, Legal Fingers brings to their small Midwest hometown the kind of loud, sleazy rock you’d expect to hear blasting from the speakers of a 1978 AMC Pacer in the parking lot of a 7-11. Successfully marrying the raw boogie sound of ZZ Top with the sordid hedonism of 80s glam metal, the 3-piece band write songs about fighting, partying, infidelity and strip clubs (just to name a few).

Three dudes called Town Portal play sludgy/post metal, math rock.

In their 7 year existance burnpilot constanty played shows and toured for example with La Ira de Dios from peru and shared the stage with Blue Cheer, Karma To Burn, The Atomic Bitchwax, Dozer,  Yawning Man, Valient Thorr, Baby Woodrose, pierced arrows(ex dead moon),Ten East and Church of Misery. Burn Pilot play psychedelic rock combined with postpunk, spacerock and drone elements.YOU WANT THIS!

Catchy, intertwining guitar lines merge with smooth basslines while huge drums hold it all together.

We formed in the Autumn of 2010 simply to jam hard rock tunes. Beer was consumed, wine was consumed, music was consumed: the resulting excretion is four tracks of Garage Doom so joyous we saw fit to grace them with the same name as our band. Because we’re imaginative like that.

SoundArcade is a progressive / experimental / stoner band from Rīga, Latvia formed in year 2002. From the the hare with the horns, trough trails in marshes, until the construction of hadron collider. From vision, through the sound, to recipient.

Tuco Ramirez stole thier name from the one and only “ugly” bandit /desperado in the classic Sergio Leone masterpiece –
‘ The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly ‘ But enough about that. This is about US ! … Big, bad southern rock, and 70’s metal – inspired grooves/ riffs / and soul that all comes forth when a certain five desperado rockers come together. A band that rolled the dice and came up lucky.

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  1. Hi ! we are buey, thanks for share our music, and help us to spread our work. If you want to use our music for a compilation or something , just let us know it. Nice website!! and thanks again…. keep rocking!!!

    April 2, 2012 at 3:06 pm

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