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March Bandness Elite 8

The tournament is winding down. There’s a lot of upsets and surprises in this tournament. I figured Orchid would be a band to make it this long but has lost out fairly early. Can Godhunter continue their winning ways or will One-Eyed King beat them out? Who’s going to win the sludge region? We’ll find out in a week. Vote once a day everyday for your favorites.

Click for a much LARGER view


Vote For Your Favorite Band in Each Matchup
Stoner Rock (West) Region
#08 Godhunter
#15 One-Eyed King
Doom (East) Region
#05 Naughty Mouse
#14 Bear Brawler
Sludge (South) Region
#13 Galvano
#11 One Inch Giant
Psychedelic (North) Region
#08 Clamfight
#10 Ride To Ruin free polls 

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