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What’s It Worth To You?

Ah the internet. What a magical place it can be. Over the years it’s opened up a whole new world not available to us before. It’s allowed us to find new and interesting music from every corner of the world. It’s also opened up the ability to find and purchase music well out of our market as long as the person selling was willing to send it out. Recently there was an article on The Obelisk about JJ’s purchase of Colour Haze’s Chopping Machine. He paid a pretty penny for it. Just a while ago, an auction on Ebay for Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Blood Lust on Lp for $1,078.75. A copy of The Desert Sessions Vol 1 10″ vinyl closed for $223.50 minutes later. It got me wondering about my own collecting habits and what I’ve paid for music. I know in the past I’ve bought a sealed copy of Dozer’s In the Tail of a Comet from Man’s Ruin for $35. Before Godsmack made it big they recorded an album called All Wound Up. That album would later get remastered and become their self titled major label debut. I paid $60 for that back in the day. I’ve also paid a bit for Japanese imports for in some cases, 1 extra song. There is a line I won’t cross though. If it’s to much, I won’t pay it. Madre de Dios by Dozer I’ve seen for well over $100 used on CD. 7zuma7’s Deep Inside is currently just short of $200 used on Amazon. As much as I’d love to own those albums, I doubt I’ll dish out that type of money. Who knows though. So, Have you ever paid a ton for an album? Is there one holy grail you’re reaching out for that you’d be willing to pay a little extra to own? Tell me about them in the comments below.

2 responses

  1. mooddoom

    Though I have not dished out any “pretty pennies” for music….I own a couple gems that I will never sell.

    “Dragon Demos” by Andrew Wood (very rare Andy stuff for MLB mixed in with demo cuts of Temple of the Dog) This CD means way to much to sell….SPARKS TO MUCH EMOTION

    “Nerve endings and toe jam Live” This CD is Nirvana and Pearl Jam live at the Palladeium in the early 90s. Very cool stuff. Dale Crover on drums for Nerve Endings.

    “Deep Six Compilation” Seattle music before it got to big for its britches

    “Sub Pop Comp” rare and yummy. Afghan whigs “Retarded” is insane!!

    Anyway…these CD’s are all rare and Ive never seen a couple of them. BUT I WILL NEVER SELL WHAT MAKES MY SOUL SHINE!!

    March 27, 2012 at 12:20 pm

  2. never been a fanatic collector, I own two CD copies of Dopesmoker (Tee Pee) that should be around 40/50 $ each and the first God Machine release in CD, pretty rare too. But I have never spent a lot of money for collectable records. I am patient and 9 out of 10 I reach the target at my own price sooner or later.

    April 2, 2012 at 3:51 pm

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