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CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Guitarist On Writing New Music: ‘Whatever Comes Out Comes Out’

via Blabbermouth

Mark Kadzielawa of 69 Faces Of Rock recently conducted an interview with guitarist Woody Weatherman of Raleigh, North Carolina legends CORROSION OF CONFORMITY. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

69 Faces Of Rock: The new album isn’t really a retro album. In fact, it sounds as if this configuration of players continued on through the years, and naturally progressed.

Woody: It wasn’t an intentional thing, you see. When we first began writing for the new album, I wanted to do a bunch of fast and heavy tunes that were reminiscent of what we did in the past. But once we started writing, we just went into a direction that we always do, which is whatever comes out comes out. It’s silly for us to plan anything when it comes to the writing. We never really do any pre-conceived kind of music because once we start messing with it, it all goes out through the window anyway, you know.

69 Faces Of Rock: Now with three tours, and a record under your belt, how are the people responding to this version of the band?

Woody: It seems pretty damn good to me. I just feel lucky we’re able to tour successfully, and have a good time still. Of course, having a brand new album out makes a big difference. People actually know the new stuff, and sing along, so that helps. We were actually doing several of the new songs on the two previous tours. But it makes a difference when people know the new stuff.

69 Faces Of Rock: I’m sure everyone who expected a sequel to “Animosity” will be a little bit disappointed that it doesn’t sound exactly the same.

Woody: And I think that’s good to have people from all camps. Have people who love it, people who think it’s all right, and some people who think, “They didn’t do what I wanted them to do.” So, it’s good, because we always get that. All through the years, we would do a record, and with every record we always kind of do our own thing. It’s never exactly the same thing. And there is always people who go, “That’s not what I want my band C.O.C. to be sounding like.”

69 Faces Of Rock: What’s so special with the three of you playing together? I mean, even as a four-piece, there is still the three of you that make up the bottom end of the band.

Woody: There is some weird rhythms there, you know. Strange timing, and what-not. It’s just something that we seem to be able to do. Like I’ve said a bunch of times before, we’ve just sort of learned how to play our respective instruments together. And that’s coming from scratch for the most part, and I think it makes the big difference. Whenever we start playing, we don’t have to tell each other what we are thinking, that’s already kind of happening anyway.

69 Faces Of Rock: There is always the four-piece version of the band that is waiting to happen. How far away is that from becoming a reality?

Woody: Well, you know, it all depends. The door is open. We’re having a blast now. We’ll see where it takes us. Like we keep on saying, Pepper [Keenan] is a good friend, we talk all the time. We’ll be seeing him in the New Orleans when we play there. He’s gonna be in town, so he’s gonna come out and party with us. I mean, who knows? Maybe we’ll talk about it then. We’ll see what his long-term plans are. I know, DOWN has some stuff coming out. But, we’ll see. The door is open. I think we all want to do it at some point, but there is no rush.

Read the entire interview from 69 Faces Of Rock.


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