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Review: Misty Morning – ‘Saint Shroom’

Having only heard the name before seeing the record artwork and hearing the record, it was far from the truth when I hoped that Misty Morning were a band that did sludge covers of Bob Marley songs. In all fairness I still believe that does sound like a fantastic idea, but it appears wrong upon listening to Misty Morning’s 12” Saint Shroom that was released in 2011. In fact, Misty Morning bring forth a very different set of drugs, whose taste I also do rather like.

The artwork combined with my first listen made me think of those odd growths or deformations in food you hear of on the news. When religious fanatics see Jesus or the Mother Mary in toast or in an apple or such. Instead, with Saint Shroom Misty Morning presents us with a monstrous mushroom with a snarling face that’s twisted into a crooked smile. Almost malicious. The left eye is bigger than the right and it sees in to the future while the right sees the past. It is this snarling, laughing mushroom that coalesces the past and the future that rightly defines Misty Morning’s sound.

On Side A you find the track ‘Saint Shroom’ which opens with a straight forward Electric Wizard kind of riff, it’s not bad but on first listen it made me immediately think ‘another E Wiz clone’. Thankfully, the trip was just starting and Misty Morning take several left turns and gain flight momentarily throughout the two tracks on show.

The vocals hark the snarling mushroom and are the listener’s guide throughout the increasingly varied sonic landscapes. The architecture pleasingly reminisces. There are some classic Electric Wizard infused riffs on display but they take turns with some heavy metal classicism and some almost cheeky glam synths on the first track. Not to mention the Wino-esque guitar work on ‘Jellotron’. A section of some Type O Negative goodness appears on both tracks and really demonstrates the ability of Misty Morning who appear to be able to turn their hands to any sort of sound.

Though at times the influences do jostle for position and can seem quite crowded within what Misty Morning are attempting to do, they have the ability to gather these influences and to present them in this frenetic yet solid way that convinces me of their skill.

This 12” surprised me greatly and got me pulling a rip out within the first four minutes. Why I hadn’t done beforehand confuses me, but I won’t dwell. The mushroom bares it’s laughing teeth and stares in to the past to see what it would bring to the future, and Misty Morning harnesses this ability adeptly to produce two cracking tracks.

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3 responses

  1. The Bob Marley reference seems to have gone over my head… the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the name was the opening lines of “The Wizard”.

    March 26, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    • Sean Thomas

      Hah, well I grew up with Bob Marley playing in the background so that reference was most obvious to me, however, considering the music I’d probably have a guess and say your idea is closer to the truth.

      March 26, 2012 at 1:42 pm

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